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Distribuidora GYMCAO, C.A.

We are a Venezuelan company dedicated to the production, commercialization of Cocoa in grains and grains (Cocoa Liquor, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder), In addition to the primary production of cocoa bean, specific stream in the area of Yaguaraparo in Río Caribe , as well as its distribution at the national and international levels, offering a first quality product to the companies in charge of the elaboration of everything related to cocoa derivatives..

Rio Caribe has historically been the area of the country with one of the finest types of cocoa in the world, receiving awards above international market prices.


In Distribuidora GYMCAO we are specialists in


Primary production of cocoa beans and derivatives (Liquor, Butter and Cocoa Powder).


Offering products of first quality to the producing companies.


We are Exporters of the best Venezuelan Cocoa Bean and derivatives.

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Our Commercial Office

Av. Paseo Cabriales, Business Tower Concept La Granja
Floor 2 Office 2-15 - Naguanagua, Carabobo, Venezuela

info@gymcao.com +58 (241) 8966785

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